Tallying Titles – Jon Berti Collects Accolades Like Stolen Bases

Jon Berti steals yet another base. (Ryan Schembri)

Jon Berti steals yet another base. (Ryan Schembri)

By Canberra Cavalry Media Team

 When you meet Canberra Cavalry player Jon Berti you’ll be taken in by his kind demeanor. But his broad disarming smile and clean-cut Michigan boy look, hide a secret- a strong determination and enough fight to power an entire team.

Though the Toronto Blue Jays affiliated player is a bit quieter than some of the louder personalities on the team, he lets his time on the field do the talking and boy, does he have a lot to say.

Berti currently leads the league in stolen bases and runs, stats that have earned him some new titles. He was recently recognized by the Minor League Baseball website, MiLB.com, as the best second baseman in the Toronto system for his work last season with the Dunedin Blue Jays. In 128 games, Berti led the Florida State League in stolen bases with 58 and runs scored with 85.

Baseball America, the leading prospect publication in the industry, has also caught sight of Berti. In December of 2013, Baseball America named Berti the Best Defensive Infielder prospect in the entire Toronto system.

It’s been more than just oversees titles that Berti’s been adding to his collection. The infielder has also been recognized for his play within the Australian Baseball League for his play in a Cavalry uniform. Berti broke the league record for most stolen bases and is continuing to increase the tally. With four more series left to play, Berti currently has 20 stolen bases to his name. To put that in perspective, Jacob May from the Sydney Blue Sox is second in the league with 12.

“Berti’s not only a great lead off hitter, he’s a great guy,” says Cavalry General Manager Thom Carter. “He has what it takes to go all the way.

But with so many accolades, Berti has a bull’s eye on his chest because pitchers are taking notice. During the series at the Fort against the Alcohol.Think Again Perth Heat, Berti found himself jumping back on base often as the number of pick off attempts has grown over the last few months. Pitchers are more often checking Berti to try and keep him from advancing.

But the determination and grit that Berti keeps just below the surface comes out each game and suddenly when a pitcher looks back the second baseman is dusting the dirt off his uniform a big smile on his face, a base further than he was a moment before. That is why Berti is a perfect fit for the Cavarly, he knows how to CHARGE!

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Is it my imagination or did the ABL not include crowd attendances in their box scores last week? There could be a reasonable explanation for this, but it seems odd none of the box scores contained crowd attendance. I will be interested to see if attendance is recorded in this week’s box scores, but does anyone know anything further about why last week’s attendances were not recorded?

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