Bandit’s Josh Roberts Cops Record Suspension For Instigating Brawl At Blue Sox Stadium

Danny Arribas was decked by Bandit Josh Roberts, who was later ejected for his violent actions which started the all in brawl. (Joe Vella -SMP Images/ABL Media)

Danny Arribas was decked by Bandit Josh Roberts, who was later ejected for his violent actions which started the all in brawl. (Joe Vella -SMP Images/ABL Media)

Brisbane Bandit Josh Roberts has been issued an immediate suspension by the Australian Baseball League for his part in Saturday’s bench clearing brawl.

The visiting left fielder received a six game suspension, the largest penalty issued in ABL history. The Ipswich native will sit out the rest of the series in Sydney, eligible to return to play in game one of round 11 against Melbourne on January 16th.

The incident occured in the top of the fourth inning after Patrick Leonard collected Sydney catcher Danny Arribas in a clean play at home plate. Heated words were exchanged between Leonard and Arribas, however Roberts took exception and rushed the field, hitting Arribas and knocking him to the ground.

Patrick Leonard crashes into catcher Danny Arribas  Photo Joe Vella / SMP Images / ABL.

The start of it all – Patrick Leonard crashes into catcher Danny Arribas
Photo Joe Vella / SMP Images / ABL.

Both sides erupted and after 90 seconds of pushing and shoving in front of home plate, staff from both sides and match officials separated the two teams.

After a short conference, umpires addressed both managers and ejected Roberts, who didn’t go quietly, exiting the diamond after a verbal outburst directed at Sydney’s dugout.

The game continued without further incident, Roberts replaced by Connor O’Gorman who moved from second base to rightfield, his gap filled by Brad Dutton.

Like any ABL suspension, Roberts and the Bandits have the opportunity to appeal the sentence with the league, however it is unlikely he will play again this round.

The dramatic game two raises the stakes for the remainder of the round in Sydney, with game three scheduled for a 6:00 p.m. start tonight and the series finale at 1:30 p.m. on Monday.

Source: ABL


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Roberts actions are inexcusable. As for the play at the plate – nothing wrong with hit. If you don’t have the ball, get out of the way. Aribas is a tool – when he dropped the ball, he didn’t even go after the ball, he went straight for the player…he should have got tossed too – if he just picked up the ball he dropped, nothing happens! If he doesn’t like getting run over, get off the plate or find a new job.

This is not a record suspension for the ABL. I ejected an Adelaide pitcher, Troy?? In a game at Altona years ago and he got 8 weeks holiday. I regret not ejecting a certain Monarchs Manager for what I believe actually started the all in brawl!

I don’t understand why the Sydney Bluesox are promoting this ugly incident all over Facebook. This is not what baseball needs and parents of young kids don’t need to think that the senior managers from Bluesox front office are condoning violence on the field. Stamp this guy out for good and kick the front office in the backside for stupidity.

Roberts is a grub no room for him in the ABL.

Josh Roberts got in a dust up last year against the Perth Heat, which makes him a repeat offender. His hot head attitude should make him the target of every pitcher in the league. Roberts needs to get a hold of himself because he didn’t make it far in professional baseball and he didn’t make it to the NRL in Rugby League, so maybe high performance sport isn’t for him because you need a high performance attitude to really succeed, which he doesn’t have or is capable of having. His season to date statistics show an inconsistent performer, and his violent behaviour confirms an inconsistent appreciation of proper sportsmanship, so get lost Josh Roberts the game is better without you.

The hit at home is part of Baseball , Roberts coming from the bench is not . He should have got longer …

I just wonder how clean of a take out it was? I’ve watched the video and I would say the reason Arribas was annoyed at the take out was because the plate was open for the runner to slide over and you can see his team mate telling him to slide. Instead he veered to the inside of the base path in order to take out the catcher that didn’t even have the ball yet.
So doesn’t change what Roberts did which was just disgraceful but I don’t think it’s fair to say it was a fair take out.

B, you hit the nail on the head. Patrick Leonard’s actions at home plate were inexcusable. Leonard had the entire plate to himself and should have slid in safely and then high-fives his teammate. Instead, the jerk veered left and took out a defense less catcher. The guy is clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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