Dear ABF. Who is Mike Walker?


Who is this man?

Dear ABF

Thank you for announcing the Australian Team for the World Baseball Classic today.

However, we are a little confused by the naming of Brewers’ minor leaguer Mike Walker as an infielder as we have never heard of him and we don’t believe he has ever played in the ABL or Australia. Could you please explain how he gets to be wearing an Australian uniform.

We know he wasn’t born in Australia like Clayton Tanner who was actually born at Mona Vale, a northern beach suburb in Sydney. So we understood why Clayton was in the Australian team but what is Mike’s connection with Australia that allows him to be selected? Understand we are not complaining about the selection. If Jon Deeble thinks he can help us in the Classic and he is better than any other infielder then that’s fine with us – it’s just that we don’t understand how he is eligible.

This is what we do know about Mike. He was born in Marysville California, 12 June 1988 and had just finished his senior year at University of the Pacific, when he was chosen by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 14th round of the Major League Baseball draft in 2010.

In 2010 he hit .277 in the Pioneer League with 8HR.

In 2011 he hit .274 in the Midwest League with 15HR and was selected in the Mid-Season All Stars.

Last year he hit .280 in the Florida State League with 12HR and not surprisingly made the FSL All Stars.

We see a pattern here – he can hit well and hit long.

We look forward to hearing from you about how Mike is eligible to play for Australia.


ABD Editors

Ps:One explanation is that his mother is Australian, is this correct and how does that make him eligible?


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I’m very pleased Australia has Mike Walker on the roster and he’ll certainly add value. As a left handed batter with some power and plenty of experience at third base he is a helpful addition. He’s also quite young which keeps a good balance of youth and experienced players. I think this team has a bit more depth in the fielding positions and pitching is always Australia’s strength. We might even see Mike Walker play in the ABL during the 2013/14 season.

Shades of the last WBC where Mike Piazza played four Italy, possibly on the basis his parents had honey-mooned in Venice. Maybe Mike Walker’s parents went to Crocodile Dundee back in the day!

Thanks Tom. Perhaps the ABF should have explained that in their announcement. He certainly looks like he might be an asset.

Why wouldn’t that make him eligible? If he has an Australian mother, he qualifies for an Australian passport. Pretty logical.

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