Grant Balfour saves Blackley’s game and creates history

Most Saves by an Aussie pitcher

Grant Balfour went into the history books today when he was called on to close the game against the White Sox that Travis Blackley started.

In saving the game Grant passed Graeme Lloyd’s record of the most saves by an Aussie with 18 career saves. He had been tied at 17 saves with Graeme for most of the season since losing the closer’s role to Ryan Cook and was very keen to win back the closer’s job and be able to surpass him.  The A’s won 9-7.

Travis had a solid outing giving up 5 runs in his 5 innings, including a Youkilis home run but left the game with the A’s leading 6-5. The Sox tied the game 6 all thus ensuring that Travis would get a No decision. His line was 5INN, 6H, 1HR, 5R, 1BB, 6K.

Loook to see Grant in the closer’s role now that Ryan Cook has been moved to a lower pressure role as long relief.

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