Liam Hendriks probably heading to AAA

Not a happy time for Liam

Liam Hendriks turned in another disappointing performance against the Angels today, allowing six runs on nine hits in just 2 1/3 innings.

Liam struck out one and walked none in the short outing. He now owns a 9.00 ERA on the season, and looks to be in serious danger of losing his spot in the Twins rotation. He’s unlikely to take his next turn in the rotation, which would occur against the Angels on Tuesday.

Back in Ft Myers during Spring Training concern had been expressed that it was better for Liam to spend at least part of this season in AAA perfecting his pitching rather than being rushed up to the Majors.

Unfortunately the Twins’ poor pitching roster meant that Liam was sent up and it would now seem that it was too much too soon for the talented pitcher.   There is no doubt that, barring injury, Liam will be a mainstay for the Twins in the years ahead.

However, we are predicting that he will be sent to AAA this week to gain that necessary experience.

Liam should not be concerned about that development if it should occur.   His time is yet to come.

Ps The Angels Jered Weaver threw the ninth individual no-hitter in Angels history, allowing only two runners — on a passed ball in the second and a walk in the seventh.   Angels won 9-0.

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