Luke Hughes likely to be sent down

Brandon Inge agrees to sign with the A’s

Luke Hughes who is accident prone at 3rd [3 errors] and hitting 1-13 for the A’s is a likely candidate for the waiver wire once again with the news that the A’s have agreed on a deal with released Tiger veteran Brandon Inge.

This from Susan Slusser this morning:

I’ve had it confirmed: Brandon Inge has agreed to sign with the A’s. Because Inge was given his unconditional release by the Tigers last week, the A’s are responsible only for the pro-rated major-league minimum…. basically the smallest possible amount you could pay someone in order to get a look at them.

There’s no doubt that Inge will go straight in at third base, because otherwise, why go after him? And it makes sense for Inge: Oakland has to be the best possible opportunity for a third baseman who wants to play every day and show he still has something left.

Inge, who will be 35 next month, was an All-Star in 2009, when he hit 21 homers in the first half, but his numbers have trailed off since. He’s hit only 23 homers, total, since that first half of 2009, and that includes the second half of 2009 and the past two seasons.

He’s still a good fielder, and versatile, plus he has been in the league for a long time – he came up in 2001. He’s been part of some very good teams, he has playoff and World Series experience.

Weirdly, Inge will essentially take the spot of another former Tiger, Scott Sizemore, whom the A’s converted to third base last year with excellent results. Sizemore’s season-ending knee surgery on the first day of full squad workouts this spring, though, has left the team searching for a fit at third. Entering today, A’s third baseman had a combined .127 average (a league low) with two homers and six RBIs.

The A’s will not make any announcement today. There’s still some finalizing to be done, the usual paperwork, physical, etc.

The team will need to make a move to get Inge onto the roster, and the A’s haven’t been shy about picking someone up on waivers and then turning around and designating them for assignment, which probably will be Luke Hughes’ fate here in the next day or two. Hughes is currently 1-for-13 with Oakland.

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