Dodgers From the Land Down Under-Shane Lindsay

By  Scott Andes at

We’re only a month away from the start of Spring Training! As we wait for players to report, I thought I would talk today about the Dodgers from the land down under.

That’s right, Australians love to play Baseball, and the Dodgers are very familiar with our friends from Australia. I was reminded of our Aussie Baseball brothers when reading an interesting piece online about Dodger’s spring training invite Shane Lindsay……

The piece from Roberto Angotti of wrote an interesting article on Shane. Check it out here:

I’m not sure what the actress Lindsay Lohan has to do with the Dodgers young Aussie pitcher, but it did give me a chuckle. Roberto compares Lindsay to the pitcher Nuke from the film Bull Durham because of his lack of control. I’m talking about Shane of course and not Lindsay.

Shane was given an invite to the Dodgers spring training camp this past November, on a minor league contract.Lasordaslair-Dodgers Sign Shane Lindsay, and some other guys

He is 27-years old and from Melbourne. Lindsay is a relief pitcher, and according to Roberto, had to fight off attackers one day in front of a California restaurant which resulted in a hand injury that required surgery and a metal plate to be inserted. I guess Shane has a wild side that can almost compare to Lindsey, Lohan that is. Or at least that is what Roberto thinks.

Lindsay is a relief pitcher, who appeared in four games for the White Sox last season. According to the article, Lindsay has a good fastball in the mid to upper 90’s. He compliments that with a sharp curve ball,  a wild delivery, and apparently isn’t afraid to pitch inside.

To be honest, Lindsay would have to really impress the Dodgers in order to break into the crowded Dodger bullpen. However if he’s got good stuff, and apparently he does, then I hope he gets a shot and can maybe surprise us? After all, no one thought that Mike MacDougal would make the team, and he was a non-roster invite.

So in honor of our Aussie Baseball brothers, next week I will be profiling each Australian Dodger. There have been 31 Australian Major leaguers, and quite a few have played for the Dodgers over the years. Most played for the Australian Baseball League.

I will be profiling each one, starting with our current Aussie player still on the roster, Trent Oeltjen. Until then, keep an eye out for Shane Lindsay. We’ll get our chance to take a look at the young right hander in the Spring. Good Luck Shane!


Thanks for the Link.

I just wrote a piece on Trent Oeltjen.
Check it out. Thanks!

Every action causes a reaction… I am so very pleased to hear that my article at on Shane Lindsay inspired another writer, Scott Andes at, to write another article on this promising Dodger star pitcher. Eventually after tweeting this information to my twitter followers, the very kind Australian Baseball Digest have now shared this article with you… It’s a small world after all! Thanks for keeping international baseball alive and well!!


Roberto Angotti
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