Dominican Rookies – Bowey, Madden, Silva, Timberlake

Lachlan Madden had a good week in the DR

Lachlan Madden had a good week in the DR

The Astros’ Jake Bowey continued to struggle this past week.   In 9 games he hit 5-34 leaving him with a .221 avg for the season after 27 games and 86ABs.   There was a period there last month and early August when he was hitting over .300.

Lachlan Madden who came back from the DL last week threw in 2 games this week for a no decision and a win, his 2nd.   Both were relief appearances and in the first he tossed 2 scoreless innings allowing only 1 hit and 3 walks [2 intentional] and in the win he did slightly better throwing 2.1 scoreless, 0 walks and striking out 4.    After 14 games and 20 innings his record is 2-1 and he lowered his ERA to 3.60.   He should be pleased with his week’s work.

The Yankees’ Adam Silva remains on the DL and is back home in Melbourne on rehab.   He had been sent to the DR to get more ABs after he had finished his rehab program from surgery.   Unfortunately for Adam he strained his oblique in his 1st game back and as his rehab was going to extend beyond the season the Yankees thought it best that he rehab at home.   Hopefully we will see him get some games in for the Cavalry during the ABL season.

Hayden Timberlake of the Astros went 1-4 with 1 run in his only game this week.   He is hitting .219 after 10 games with his current team.

Frustrated Grant Balfour suffers his 5th loss

Photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Grant Balfour’s year is not getting any better.   But then neither is the Rays’.   Both have opportunities and both have blown them.

Today was a good example.   Tampa blew a 4-0 lead and went into extra innings locked at 5 all.  Grant came on in the 11th and gave up a triple [which probably should have been caught by the diving Kevin Kiermaier at RF].   He then proceeded  to walk Torii Hunter before Miguel Cabrera was intentionally walked to load the bases for Victor Martinez.

That didn’t work when Martinez walked to force in the go-ahead run and chase Grant.

“You feel like you give up a base hit and next thing you know the guy’s at third,” said Balfour, harkening back to Kiermaier’s gaffe. “When does it end? … Just tough luck. Then, you’re in a tough spot and you pretty much have to go out and strike everyone out so they don’t get that run. It makes it tough.

“I probably should have been more aggressive. If I concede that one run, I concede one run. … We ended up scoring a run anyway, would have tied it up. Just trying to be too fine. Trying to do too much, not wanting to give up that run at all after that play. Yeah, just a lot of frustration.”**


What has happened to the Aces’ GM?

Former General Manager Windsor Knox and his children with the Aces Travis Blackley

Aces’ General Manager Windsor Knox and his children with the Aces’ Travis Blackley

We are not sure what is going on down Melbourne way.  It would seem from this ad that they are looking for a new GM only a matter of a couple of months prior to the start of their new season and at a time when clubs are busy recruiting and signing players.

It is not only the timing that has us intrigued but the complete lack of any notice from the club about Windsor Knox’s apparent departure.  The Aces have been sending out a lot of media releases this past week – but not a word about the GM position.  No notice, no thank you for what you did for us etc etc.

Windsor Knox was the 2nd Aces GM, the first was Stephen Nash who didn’t last long, virtually going before the 1st season got underway.   At least Windsor lasted longer than he did.


Independent Leagues – de San Miguel, Erasmus, Lamb, Searle, Spence, Tanner

Justin Erasmus picked up his 2nd win this week

Justin Erasmus picked up his 2nd win this week

Catcher Allan de San Miguel with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs continues to struggle with the bat having another quiet week playing in 3 games for 1-10.  After 53 games and 162ABs he is hitting .204 [33-162] with 16RBI and 4HR.

Justin Erasmus of the Schaumburg Boomers in the Frontier League seems to be hitting his stride at last.  He picked up his 2nd win this week following his 1st win 5 days earlier.  Coming out of the pen he threw 4.2 innings for 3 runs on 6 hits and a walk whilst striking out a season high 6 hitters.   So after 3 games with the Boomers he is 2-0 and 6.75ERA.

Frontier Greys’ Cameron Lamb appeared in 4 game this week suffering 2 losses.  After 28 games [30IP] he has a 2-6 record and a team leading 9 saves and a 3.00ERA.

In 2 starts this week Grand Prairie Airhogs’ Ryan Searle had a win and a loss. His record now stands at 5-8 and 4.37ERA after 17 games and 111.1 innings.

Also recording a win and a loss was Josh Spence with the Windy City Thunderbolts in the Frontier League.  His win was pretty impressive  throwing a scoreless 6 innings allowing 4 hits and 3 walks whilst striking out 5.   In his loss he conceded 3 runs on 9 hits and 3 walks.   Now after 11 games he is 1-8 and 5.06ERA.

Sydney born Clayton Tanner endured a loss in his only start this week at Amarillo.  After 8 games and 48.2 innings he now has a 2-2 record and a 4.07ERA.




What Has Perth’s Dan Schmidt Been Up To In The Off Season?


Currently living: The Netherlands

Current Team: I play for the Oosterhout Twins.

Favourite part of playing for the Oosterhout Twins: This is my first time in Europe, so everything is really new to me. I think it’s the same with any team you play on: it’s your teammates that make the experience memorable. When you like the people you hangout and play with, the results take care of themselves. My old teammate and Perth Heat roomie for years, Benn Grice, played for the Twins for 4-5 years and he told me that they’re like family to him.

What do you do in your spare time? As I was playing independent ball in the United States for the past 4 years, playing every single day for 4 months, I never had much down time. It has been refreshing to only play on weekends and take the train twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It allows me to travel to some nearby cities and towns. I’ve been able to do some sightseeing, improve my cooking skills, watch the AFL games from the weekend online, and also watch a number of movies and TV series on Netflix. When I am back home playing in the ABL, I work 5 days a week from 8-4, then I have training in the afternoon, and games on weekends. I don’t have the chance to do a lot of these relaxing things. I have also started to write my own book about my career. Everyone has their own crazy stories from over the years, but I’ve been told by a number of people that mine, at times, has been something that could be out of a movie.

Most exciting part of the off-season: It’s hard to separate these two experiences, as one was spent playing in Prague and the other was spent as the Pitching Coach for a 3 week tour of Europe for a college tournament. The week in Prague was made up of all imports from different leagues around Europe to play against the Czech National Team, the U21 Czech National Team, the Russian National Team, the Polish National Team, and an American College team. We had a full day during the week to do some sightseeing and touristy things. It had an All-Star Game feel to it and was interesting to hear about what the other leagues in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic were like. To top it all off, we ended up winning the championship against the Czech National Team, who actually beat us in our first game of the tournament.

Coaching in the CBLE was also an awesome experience. The tournament was created by one of the members of the Twins who had a vision for young players from other countries to get together and experience Europe while playing high-level baseball. It is a 3 week tournament played in 4 differnet locations, in 4 different countries, with 4 days spent in each city. We started in London before traveling to Barcelona, Spain, then onto La Rochelle in France before finishing up in Oosterhout. There were roughly 45 players who came together from Holland, America and Russia. From there we were split up into three teams. All three teams traveled together as one big group around Europe. The team I was coaching, The Admirals, won for the second year in-a-row. It was a fantastic experience for me as it allowed me to see different parts of Europe, while staying in shape during the summer break in the Dutch season.

Best part of living in the Netherlands: Holland is such a small country where you can drive 3-4 hours and almost drive from top to bottom. Our apartment is straight opposite from the bus station and the train station is in the next town over. Having so many places close by has been perfect.

Source: The Perth Heat


Complete Aussie Player List

Corey Adamson changes sports

Corey Adamson changes sports

The big news this week was of course the retirement of Corey Adamson to take up a career with the AFL where he was previously an outstanding junior talent.

A number of players remain on the DL. Tim Atherton, Connor MacDonald, Adam Silva

Players remaining on rehab [i.e. they are on extended  DL] are:- Dean Aldridge (Tigers), Darryl George, Elliott Hargreaves [Reds], Dakota Mitchell (Reds), Josh Warner [Phillies]


Majors:  Grant Balfour (Rays),

Triple-AJames Beresford (Twins), Liam Hendriks (Royals), John Holdzkom (Pirates),

Double-AJohn Hussey (Padres), David Kandilas [Rockies], Matt Kennelly (Braves), Warwick Saupold (Tigers), Stefan Welch (Red Sox).

High-A Tim Atherton [A's], Ryan Battaglia [Indians],  Todd Van Steensel [Twins]

Low-A:  Darryl George [Rays], Daniel McGrath [Red Sox], Lewis Thorpe (Twins), Logan Wade [Twins],

Short Season A :  Sam Holland (Padres), Robbie Perkins [Rockies], Sam Street [Pirates].

Rookie:  Jack Barrie [Twins],  Jared Cruz (Braves), Ryan Dale (Royals), Sam Gibbons [Twins], Josh Guyer (Twins), Nathan Hass (Braves), Nick Hutchings (Pirates), Sam Kennelly (Pirates), Ben Leslie [Giants], Todd McDonald (Rangers),  James Philibossian (Tigers), Pita Rona (Orioles), Aaron Sayers [Tigers], Zac Shepherd (Tigers),

Dominican Rookie League: Jake Bowey [Astros], Connor MacDonald (Astros), Lachlan Madden (Astros), Adam Silva [Yankees], Hayden Timberlake [Astros]

Independent Leagues:  Allan de San Miguel [Blue Crabs], Justin Erasmus [Boomers],  Cameron Lamb [Frontier Greys], Connar O’Gorman [Amarillo], Ryan Searle [Grand Prairie], Josh Spence [Windy City], Clayton Tanner [Amarillo]

MLBAAP:  Brandon Stenhouse (Yankees)

Rehab:  Dean Aldridge (Tigers)Elliott Hargreaves [Reds], Dakota Mitchell (Reds), Josh Warner [Phillies]


Why the Aces let Adam Silva go to the Cavalry

Will Adam Silva get more game time in Canberra?

Will Adam Silva get more game time in Canberra?

The Melbourne Aces have announced the team’s protected list for the 2014-15 season. The list has been compiled as a result of the team participating in the first ever Australian Baseball League draft.

The Aces have returned many of the core group of young talent who have come through the Victorian system over the past few years and have been progressing through the ranks with the team.

The protected list for the 2014-15 season is as follows:

John Hussey RHP
Sam Gibbons RHP
Dan McGrath LHP
Lewis Thorpe LHP
Brad Harman INF
Aaron Sayers INF
Darryl George INF
Ryan Dale INF

‘’All of these players were on the active roster last summer and will play a big part of our upcoming season,’’ said General Manager Windsor Knox. “We’re expecting big things out of all of them this year.”

The protected list requires that these players appear on the Active Roster unless they are injured or have been asked by their affiliated US team to take time off.

The Australian draft, which took place on 14 August, saw seven players drafted, including Adam Silva who had seen some time with the Aces but elected to enter his name in the draft and was selected by the Canberra Calvary.

Of Silva’s inclusion in the Cavalry, Knox commented, ‘’We spoke with Adam and both parties agreed that he would see more playing time in Canberra. That’s what this draft was supposed to do – give players a chance to make a roster and play in the ABL.”

The Aces will now focus on getting the remainder of the team in place and make a run at returning to the post-season ABL Championship series.

AAA – Beresford, Hendriks, Holdzkom

Kiwi John Holdzkom is having a good year

Kiwi John Holdzkom is having a good year

James Beresford played in 7 games for the Rochester Red Wings going 5-26 and scoring 6 runs in, for him at least, a relatively quiet week.   He hit 1 double and had 1RBI bringing his season totals to .284 avg. after 116 games with 44RBI.

Good heavens!  Liam Hendriks lost a game this week, as we reported earlier, his 1st loss with the Omaha Storm Chasers.   He gave up a home run and eventually 5 runs on 5 hits and 3 walks over the 6 innings he threw against Salt Lake City.   It was only his 2nd loss for his AAA season which now gives him a record at Omaha after 3 games of 2-1 and 4.95ERA and for the whole season 10-2 and 2.74ERA.

The Pirates’ John Holdzkom had 2 scoreless outings for the Indianapolis Indians this week.  This gives him a streak of 5 scoreless outings with the Indians and a record now of 2-0 and 2.87ERA after 12 games.   The other stat of interest is his BB/K ratio which is a healthy 8/29 over the season.  The tall Kiwi [he's 6'7"] is having a pretty good year.



Peter Moylan discusses coaching and his future plans

MoylanWebBy Kerryn Costello/ABF

Peter Moylan, a right-handed relief pitcher from Western Australia was signed by the Minnesota Twins at the age of 17, played rookie ball for three years and was then released. Seven and a half years later he made his debut for Team Australia in the 2006 World Baseball Classic, which proved to be the turning point for his career, being picked up the next day by the Atlanta Braves.

He played rookie ball for three weeks before making his Major League debut on April 12, 2006, pitching a scoreless inning against the Philadelphia Phillies. He spent seven years with the Braves before being picked up by the Los Angeles Dodgers at the beginning of 2013 and the Houston Astros later that year. Playing in the Bigs has been a career highlight for Moylan, proving to those that doubted him that he did possess the raw talent to be a success in the sport.

Currently recovering from his second Tommy John surgery, he has taken the opportunity to give back to the sport he loves. Filling the role of pitching coach for the 15U team at the 2014 IBAF World Cup in Mexico, was something Moylan has always wanted to do, and for him the timing was perfect as he is currently rehabbing and unable to play.

Waiting at a Mexican airport, before he jumped a plane back to his US home in Atlanta, Moylan explained that although the 15U team didn’t have a successful tournament, it was a learning experience for everyone involved. “For me at this age group they are still young enough that you can still get into their heads, give them some guidance and confidence and mold them into a really good player”.

His first coaching experience was nerve-racking, “I am in control of what I am doing when I am playing, I do not have as much control when I am coaching. I said to the kids I was more nervous than they were when we played Cuba because I literally could not do anything. I was sitting there watching my fate be controlled by a bunch of 15 year old kids.”

His advice to the young players who dream of making into the majors is “you may think you are the greatest player in Australia, but tournaments like this prove how many countries there are that play the game at a higher level then we are currently capable of. You need to work extremely hard in order to get to where you want to be.”

Moylan is an inspirational player and when asked what his future plans are we were excited to hear the answer.

“At this very moment I am considering rehab, so I can come back and play. My arm feels good right now and I think it will respond well. I am hoping to rehab till I’m one hundred percent, which should be April, then I will hopefully start pitching again for some teams.

“I definitely still want to play, and will all depend on how my arm responds to the throwing program I start this week. I love competing and I am going to keep trying to do it as long as someone keeps giving me a job”

Moylan loves everything about the sport he has played since he was eleven years old. It is a game “you can’t slow play, you have to play 9 innings no matter what, whether it is going to take 5 hours or 2 hours, you can’t run the clock out, you can’t kick the ball backwards, it is a game you have to complete in order to win.”

AA – Hussey, Kandilas, Kennelly, Saupold, Welch

Another two scoreless outings for John Hussey

Another two scoreless outings for John Hussey

San Antonio Missions’ John Hussey continues to impress with two more scoreless outings this week taking his number of scoreless to 9 out of his last 10 games.  Both were out of the pen and he threw 3 innings in each.   He’s having a standout year with his lowest ERA since 2006 when his record was 3-1 and 2.44ERA after  13 games.   So really this is his best effort yet and considering he is doing it in AA augurs well for him.   Many a player goes from AA to the Majors when the stars line up so to speak.   John’s current record is now 4-5 and 3.84ERA after 33 games and 82 innings.  John was announced as the Melbourne Aces pitching coach this week.  See story below.

David Kandilas now off the DL and whilst he has only appeared briefly in one game it is good to see him back in action with the Tulsa Drillers where he has struggled a little, hitting .177 after 18 games.

The Braves’ Matt Kennelly had a quiet week appearing in 3 games for 1-9 record.   Hits have been hard to come by recently for the Mississippi Braves’ catcher and after 61 games he is hitting .273 thanks largely to a good early part of the season.

Warwick Saupold is having a rough time at Erie losing his 11th game this week, his 3rd loss in a row.   In 6 innings he conceded 3 runs on 6 hits including a HR whilst striking out 5.   He is now 7-11 and 5.31ERA after 23 games.

Boston’s Stefan Welch had a mixed week.   Early on he had a golden patch going 6-14 in 3 games but that was followed with 3 hitless outings leaving him hitting .228 for the season after 91 games.






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